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Tutti Colpevoli, Nessuno Colpevole

Aleatorio: a Cops and Cosa Nostra Musebox

Merchants of Menace
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"We're building something from scratch. All the pieces matter."-The Wire
The city of Aleatorio sits on a quiet little river in northern California. In it’s long ago past, it was a good place – not without its share of troubles, mind, but not too dangerous.

Of course, times being what they are, that quickly changed and those in power became corrupt, the mob moved in and some genius in Congress decided that prohibition would be a damn good idea to have again, starting up a whole new mess of problems for the city with no legislation like RICO to lend a hand against organized crime.

Now you’ve got the mafia run by military industrialist and man to be afraid of Tony Stark, a police force knee deep in it’s own corruption being headed by the long suffering Lucius Vorenus, social elites like Tamaki Suou and Emeraude Isareth creating havoc, the king of obfuscating stupidity mayor Alfred Jones running the whole place, and all the other hit men, con artists, thugs and innocent folks who have the misfortune of living in the city. Plus there's always the threat of another mob moving in and taking over - like the Red Mob, or Cosa Nostra. God help us all if the Feds get involved.

It’s about surviving the place now, not to mention backstabbing and taking down whatever enemies you can before they get to you.

Or you know, this is a musebox community spun off from unter_allen's mafia-verse week that is the bastard lovechild of gangsterland and what do you mean it's not awesome.

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